Security Service Agency

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The second division of 1st American Protection is the security service agency. State of Florida certified and licensed security operations with administrative staff to help clients identify the services in your circumstances, issues or specific situation.

Several options available based upon your decision to security services. By hiring security services is a significant financial expenditure. This should not be dismissed as the ultimate goal but to accomplish a cost effective, reliable way to protect access to property sites or areas needing to be maintained in a confidential status being protected from any unauthorized guests, intruders, patrons, suppliers or visitors.

The agency can focus attention to behavior of onsite perpetrators and for possible violations taking place by observation and documentation of events and incidents.

As needed or required, inspections conducted on assigned post or property areas are fixed or roving patrol to handle restricted areas, badges, key cards, and pass codes. Patrol is supported with uniform visible presence as another deterrent to criminal activity or behavior and implementation of crime prevention measures.

The agency has communications with personnel on duty with site supervisors. All security personnel are equipped with a mobile phone to ensure constant communication with management team or contact local 911 emergency services.

1st American Protection involves a proactive theory of recruiting, hiring and only selecting well dressed, exceptionally trained, uniformed or by uniformed security officers to display professional appearance and exposure to represent your image.

Orlando private investigators assist in strategy for active steps to mitigate the possibility or opportunities for any acts of break in, criminal mischief, misconduct, damage of property, theft or vandalism during hours of duty on post assignments.

To always safeguard your equipment or property and control or monitor traffic flow as directed. To abide orders and meet your specific contracted requirements.

Home security checks can be requested during extended stays out of town to monitor for break ins, damage, leaks, criminal mischief, power outages, or vandalism.  Check exterior doors, drive way, carport, garage entrance, lawn and shrubbery condition,  mail or newspapers, roof and gutters, shed, suspicious activity, unusual odors, validation of all lights functioning. Check on parked vehicles on site can be included to notify client(s) after each security check report.

You are presented benefits of a security agency to implement the correct formula of application, knowledge, management, and technical expertise, acquired with first hand field experience in crime prevention or for personal protection challenges.

Security service agency coverage can be extended to most of the State of Florida. 

Always standing ready to protect you, family, or your property, 24 hours a day. Competent in areas of crime prevention, personal safety, and the security industry.

Have you read, reviewed or seen enough information on the available services listed? If your decision is yes, take advantage of this benefit to consider using this service to begin assisting in security needs for you, your company or properties.

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