Referral Program

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1 st American Protection has chosen to create a referral program for current and previous clients or visitors who inform others of the company and websites.

Congratulations for those who have already benefited from our provided services. Upon a personal testimony upon discovering the related programs and / or services can be highly recommended as being delivered above expectations to clients, you can join the referral program in giving endorsements or referrals to others about 1st American Protection.

Those who assist in the endeavor to spread the information are eligible to participate on a voluntary basis. You qualify when giving or sharing a personal or professional reference explaining how you have been helped.

To express appreciation, your effort to referral others will be rewarded with financial compensation with a 10% discount on future services.

When your referral enters into a service agreement making the initial payment without cancelling for 30 days, you qualify for the 10% discount.

After the 30 day period without interruption of contract or payment, you will be receiving the 10% discount. If the client fulfills the order to completion and later has the need for additional purchase of  programs or services in the future, you will also receive a 10% discount again on the future contract on your referral.

If the program or service meets or exceeds your expectations, give a referral to others who might benefit. The client who used the private investigative services are not encouraged to participate. Those clients are held in a very strict confidential, private status and protected by law from any disclosure.