Network Invitation

1st American Protection is taking the priority action to invest in the goal to develop and expand staff and services. An invitation is now open to network opportunities in working together for mutual growth.

Orlando private investigators, administrative, security and sales staff look forward to clients enjoying a pleasant and rewarding experience after contacting 1st American Protection. Uncovering individual or business needs and motivations. The personal connection to the wants and goals of each client while maintaining a considerate professionalism to helping the client feel at ease with confidence. Demonstrating the purpose needed to help clients arrive at a better decision which would be truly good for each solution.

The steps to benefit clients are comprised of preparation, introduction, probe, qualification commitments, and closing with contracts. To identify and lead the client(s) out of the fear factor and bring understanding of courage to solve the situation. Ability to relay to the client(s) how to safely alleviate the pending issue(s). 

                                                                        Building a team

Seeking to build a sales team to market the products and services with flexible part time schedule working out of home. Positions will become available for office manager and technical support assistants. Seeking additional private investigators, personal protection agents and security staff in Florida, but located outside of Orlando Metro Area to an exclusive reciprocating partner agreement to subcontract and exchange client services where applicable and can be better suited for operating in your own designated local area.

Are you or agency interested in opportunity to network and subcontract with 1st American Protection?

There are 3 ways to communicate inquires or information. Located on designated “contact us” web page.  

Thanks for your interest to consider networking opportunities working with 1st American Protection.