Networking Invite

Building, developing and expanding a team of professional private investigators to serve State of Florida.

Enable clients to enjoy a pleasant, rewarding experience by uncovering individual or business needs and motivations. Grow personal connection to the goals of each client while maintaining a steady and strong professionalism to the client to feel at ease with confidence. Help clients arrive at better decisions.  

Help clients remove the fear factor and bring understanding of courage to solve the problem or situation. Have ability to relay to the client(s) how to safely alleviate issue(s) and provide them with good solutions.

                                                                         Building a team

1st American Protection desires to expand outside of Central Florida and offer specialized services with networking to establish a presence in Florida by joining together providing services with investigators with similar objectives for building more available opportunities for future development and success.

Positions now available for technical support assistants. Seeking additional investigators, personal protection agents and security staff in Florida located outside Orlando Area to a reciprocating agreement to subcontract and exchange services and better suited for operating in your preferred designated local area.

Are you or agency interested in opportunity to network and subcontract with 1st American Protection?

There are 3 ways to communicate inquires or information. Located on designated “contact us” web page.  

Thanks for your interest to consider networking opportunities working with 1st American Protection.