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“Three Little Mistakes Which Could Cost You”

Looking for good service from Orlando private investigators demands three critical qualities. Do not make three little mistakes which could cost the results you seek.

The Agency you select should listen carefully to find out exactly what you need.

When you first meet for initial consultation, its a good sign if you do most of the talking. Your issue may be won or lost on just one small detail being overlooked. 

Fast working – you are paying by the hour.  Be sure your assigned investigator(s) gets straight to the point to resolve your case. His or her time is costing you money.

Easy to stay in touch – and be available in order to share in any critical updates. 

An agency who can stand up and fight for you. Explaining what will happen, why and how. The advantage being to serve your request with no long waiting times.

YOU HAVE FOUND: Licensed Orlando private investigators with resources to accomplish results with criminal elements against businesses, corporations, or individuals to improve safety measures and limit risk exposure to crime with the investigative, protection, security services, and personal defense training programs.

SERVICES OFFERED: Three Divisions consisting of dedication to evaluate client(s) needs after an integrated assessment to positively impact clients for better protection planning and help develop sound fundamentals to alleviate safety concerns and conduct the many types of investigations on your behalf to reduce burdens with attention to collection and gathering of evidence and requested facts.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: Offer superb services after an in-depth survey, with divisions for guidance to handle the alarming rate of fraud or violence and create a plan to assist clients after investigations in preparing for protection against conflicts with crime prevention steps for safety, self protection and peace of mind.

SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS: Latest technology from searching to surveillance to gather hard to find information for clients with application of experience, knowledge and skills. Enjoy solutions to problems, not products or services. 1st American Protection is qualified to help the client(s) to remove these urgent issues.

Clients need good decisions not based on emotions or frustration, but to resolve problems. Solutions with expertise of Orlando private investigators to help you.

As an industry insider, money saving and time saving measures are given to reducing the net cost to clients. To defray your expense by the selection of high demand, well established and qualified experts in the particular field required to meet your needs. Above average in quality and performance is the normal results. 

Benefiting from the association membership relationships and personal contact has identified top performers, the prominent in the industry, some prestigious who only accept referred new clients. Bringing resources to you if unable to give the service you require. To enumerate credentials and specific area of expertise by Orlando private investigators for achieving desired results and accomplishing specific tasks. This industry connection benefits you, the client or your business.

The clients of 1st American Protection will not be exposed to excessive hourly rates and waste time as experts with years of experience and skills can deliver saving in the long run with top quality professionals working for you. Insist on the above practices and updated communications. These fine credentials will be the answer.

“Contact us for a free consultation”

The inquiries are addressed with a response and follow up to provide detailed and exhaustive answers for more direction, education, information or instruction. Providing clients with more choices to pragmatic and sound business decisions.

State of Florida certified, licensed and regulated Orlando Private Investigators.

Insured security service by qualified staff for both armed and unarmed agents.

1st American Protection consists of three divisions to deliver services to client(s).

The first division of 1st American Protection is the private investigative agency.

The second division of 1st American Protection is the security operations agency.

The third division of 1st American Protection is the self protection programs.

Personal protection segments are available for clients who desire learning a total system of self-defense strategies but currently lacking the education or experience.

The last part of the protection division is executive protection. To serve clients better, expansion effort continues to provide an executive protection operation for corporate security services by vast networking and establishing common alliances.       

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